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UCSI Group is a leading multi-industry conglomerate based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with diverse business interests.

The Genesis

The UCSI Group traces its humble beginnings to the setting up of the Canada Institute of Computer Science in 1986 in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia by the-then freshly-graduated Dato' Peter Ng. The institute quickly metamorphosed into a full-fledged college and was renamed Sedaya College in 1989, with Dato' Peter as its Chief Executive Officer and President of the College.

In 1997, the college re-located to its seven-storey building in Taman Segar, Cheras. Four years later, it was renamed Sedaya International College to reflect its international stature and the year 2003 saw the College conferred University College status. The Ministry of Higher Education formally accorded the institution full University status on 7th October 2008 for having fulfilled all prescribed criteria. It was then renamed UCSI University. This momentous proclamation was personally made by former Minister of Higher Education, Dato’ Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin during an elaborate gala dinner on 23rd October 2008.

It was in 2003, that the future UCSI Group began to evolve and expand with the inception of numerous subsidiaries focusing on key business areas that complement the University’s operations. These include subsidiaries that focus on pre-school, private primary and secondary school education, executive training and lifelong learning.

Today, the UCSI Group is a diverse conglomerate comprising many companies:

• UCSI University (its flagship company and earliest member)
• UCSI Hospital
• Sri UCSI School (formerly known as Sri Sedaya School)
• UCSI International School (Springhill & Subang Jaya)
• UCSI Child Development Centre
• UCSI Extension (for lifelong learning)
• LeQuadri Hotel
• UCSI Hotel Kuching
• UCSI Peterson Properties
• UCSI Campio Builders (construction)
• UCSI Campio Trading Sdn Bhd (bookshops)
• Dots by UCSI (Interior Designer)
• Laurent Bleu Skin Science and Wellness Centre
• UCSI College
• UCSI Consulting Group
  - The internationally-acclaimed UCSI Blue Ocean Strategy Consulting (BOSC)
  - UCSI Leadership Development Centre

The Group is headquartered at the North Wing, Kuala Lumpur Campus, UCSI University, where most of the subsidiaries are based.

Dato' Peter continues to lead UCSI Group as its CEO, overseeing UCSI's continued expansion in various sectors.

A Diversified, People-Centred Business Approach

The UCSI Group operations are based on a unique K-economy organisational model whereby the University becomes the core and catalyst for new business opportunities, most of which are non-educational in nature. Being a multi-disciplinary educational institute, UCSI University employs a diversified pool of highly-skilled knowledge workers as well as produces graduates in a wide array of fields. This allows the UCSI Group to harness the resourcefulness and creativity of its faculty and graduates to create, manage and lead new business ventures. This model ultimately results in a continuous flow of talent, ideas and resources besides providing training and employment opportunities for many of the university’s brightest graduates.

The UCSI Group’s current business portfolios and interests are intentionally diversified to minimise its business risks and potential impact from adverse economic situations. This also allows the Group to successfully adopt and adept to new and fast-growing opportunities in various business sectors.

A Belief in Sustainable Development of the Environment, Community and Economy

The Group is a firm believer in the concept of sustainable development of the immediate environment, the community at large and the local economy in which it operates. For example, the North Wing of UCSI University’s Kuala Lumpur Campus is a refurbishment of an older building. This ensures that minimal construction materials are utilised and the landscape of the area is not changed much, to resonate with the residential areas surrounding the campus.

The Group’s companies, UCSI Peterson Properties and UCSI Campio Builders, continuously develop buildings and structures for the Group that are environmentally friendly by utilising minimal energy for lighting and air-conditioning. Solar energy is harnessed for the UCSI University’s residential halls with advanced lighting systems and motion-sensors installed in office spaces. The campus grounds are also filled with greenery to surround the University amidst nature.

The Group’s belief in sustainable development also extends to the local community and economy in which it operates. It perpetually seeks to ensure that its business operations benefit the community and support the local economy. Besides, by offering the Bachelor of Business Administration - Oil & Gas Management degree programme at the Faculty of Industrial Business, UCSI University greatly increases the employability of its students in the oil and gas industry of the famed East Coast. Simultaneously, it also ensures that the industry is able to pool capable employees. This same principle also applies to the UCSI University, Kuching Campus, which offers programmes on hospitality and tourism, key revenue earners for Kuching .

On another front, the future UCSI Bandar Springhill Tertiary Hospital to be built in Negeri Sembilan, is designed to bring together the many aspects of a private medical centre, community medicine and a teaching hospital to provide low-cost healthcare for certain segments of the society, characterised by high quality and professional services typical of an established private healthcare provider. This is to complement its role as a teaching hospital that capitalises on the resources of the UCSI University’s Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences and the Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences.

The Future

The UCSI Group is committed to continuous growth fueled by new and innovative ideas according to the Blue Ocean Strategy framework. Future plans for the Group include the construction of four major projects; namely, a 400-bed hospital in Bandar Springhill, Seremban, and two 4-star hotels in Kuala Lumpur and Kuching respectively. These projects will provide additional opportunities for the Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences Sciences and the Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Management to expand and train its student population.

With dynamic leadership, sound financial policies and a trained and competent workforce gifted with innovative ideas, the UCSI Group is poised to become a leading business entity and a major contributor to the nation’s K-economy. This, coupled with its practice of transparent governance and a community-conscious approach to all its undertakings, ensures that the UCSI Group attains its objective of nurturing caring corporate citizens of the community they belong to.

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